IRBNet is the most widely-used research compliance management solution, providing powerful, flexible and cost-effective solutions to more than 1600 organizations in all 50 states and internationally on the National Research Network. Membership includes universities and colleges, community hospitals and hospital networks, and federal and state agencies.

IRBNet Instructions

IRBNet Training

  1. Go to and login with username: unca, password: training.
  2. Under Researcher / Study Coordinator Reference Materials, download the Training Energizers.
  3. Watch videos R1 and R2.
  4. Under New User Registration Instructions, download the Training Energizer. 
  5. Go to to practice and check out the environment for yourself. Use any of these usernames: uncaresearch1, uncaresearch2, uncaresearch3 and this password: training.
  6. Make sure to register on and NOT on

IRBNet Support

Please direct all IRBNet help requests to the IRB Chair at

If you are unable to see the UNC Asheville forms, make sure that you are logged into and NOT