CITI Training

The CITI program is an online training program designed to educate faculty and students about issues involving human subject research. The design and implementation of the program was funded by the Office of Research Integrity, the Department of Health and Human Services. CITI provides a uniform course of instruction to the University community regarding human subjects. Because CITI's instruction is accepted as the standard for IRB training for hundreds of domestic and international organizations, it reduces the requirements for duplication in training efforts in most cases. However, some sponsors, departments, and other entities may require additional training, such as NIH and the DHHS. Check with the appropriate administrative authority as CITI does not replace training requirements beyond the purview of the IRB.

You will study a series of online learning modules that concern the protection of human subjects that are used in research. You will then be tested on the material in the modules. Before you get started, register as a new user. 

New User Registration

Requirements for Principal Investigators

  • Principle Investigators who engage in either academic research or classroom-based protocols involving human subjects must complete the Faculty/Staff Course in order to have any research protocols reviewed by the IRB.
  • Only complete the Responsible Conduct in Research Curriculum if you have an NSF grant (or if your granting agency requires it).
  • CITI Certification must be renewed every three years. You will receive an automatic email prompting you to renew your certification 90 days before expiration.
  • Student researchers are not required by the University to complete CITI Training. However, Principle Investigators who are mentoring student researchers may find it helpful for students to complete the Student Curriculum for instructional purposes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I view the modules that I have completed?

Go to and log in. From the Main Menu, select the "Previous Coursework" link and then select the "All Modules" link to view all of the modules that you have completed.

How long will it take to complete a CITI Program course?

Each CITI Program module requires that you read a specified amount of text and complete a quiz at the end of each module. The average learner spends approximately 4.5 hours to complete the Basic Course site with approximately 5 logins to complete the course.